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Wheat beer tradition, a passion for brewing and strong local roots – these are the qualities that make ERDINGER Weißbräu so special. Over the past decades, the brewery has been shaped by a multitude of major – and minor – events. We’ve listed some of the brewery’s most important milestones below. We hope you enjoy browsing through 125 years of ERDINGER history.

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A top quality pilsner from Germany. Warsteiner’s Beer refreshing taste owes itself to years of brewing expertise using only the finest German Malt and Hops and the purest of water sources. MORE...

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Bitburger Premium Pils
Note first the bright, fresh golden colour and rich frothy head so typical of this elegant Pilsner beer. Its refined herbal notes are delicately poised, followed by a nutty and honeyed aftertaste. The overall impression of this gently sparkling beer is one of deep harmony, with the unmistakeable bitterness of the hops balanced and contained by an agreeable, mellow sweetness in the body.

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Köstritzer Schwarzbier is Germany's No 1 Black Lager beer and is brewed at the famous Köstritzer Brauerei which was established in 1543. This Black Lager (Schwarzbier) is a traditional bottom fermented lager that contains a distinctive fine malty flavour due to the use of refined barley malt. A perfect blend of light freshness and a smooth sweet finish. MORE...

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